Course Description

If your student is going to concentrate on ACT test prep, we suggest you get the BEAT THE ACT ONLINE BUNDLE. If your student will concentrate on SAT test prep, this is the correct course to take – and any SAT specific additions can be covered with private coaching sessions until our BEAT THE SAT course is completed. The FOUNDATIONS course provides the building blocks that students need to BEAT the TESTS. This course will teach the strategies, techniques, and tactics common to both the SAT and ACT. This course is jam-packed with the strategies, techniques, and tactics that we use to Beat the Tests. Once complete the student can continue with the advanced classes or private coaching. It is bundled with the Math and Grammar Supplement Courses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro Remarks

    • Foundations- Practice Test

  • 2

    Seven Common Principles

    • Part 2

    • Part 2

    • Part 3

    • Part 4

    • Part 5

    • Part 6

  • 3

    Reading Foundations

    • Reading Tactics

  • 4

    Writing Foundations

    • Writing Tactics

  • 5

    Foundations Wrap Up

    • Foundations-Wrapup-BCP


  • How Early Can We Start?

    The FOUNDATIONS course is designed to be the introduction to college testing. Because it is an introduction, you can start this program as early as the 6th grade to prepare for the Duke TIP program.

  • Do We Have To Purchase the Full ACT or SAT Course?

    The Foundations course is a stand-alone course. You are able to purchase this course to practice for both the ACT and SAT tests.

  • Can I Increase My Test Score With Only This Course?

    Learning and understanding the strategies and techniques taught in the Foundations course can indeed help you increase your test scores on one or both tests. It is recommended for students who require high test scores for their college of choice to focus on one test and purchase the full course to insure proper training.